Why does MQTT matter?

mqtt app for android, ios, windows mobile


What is MQTT

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight messaging protocol that provides its clients with an easy way to share their telemetry information using a publish/subscribe communication pattern.   MQTT  is perfect for resource-constrained devices because  it saves memory usage and power.


How it works?

Connected devices subscribe to a topic hosted on an MQTT Broker. Every time when another device/service publishes data to a topic, all of the devices subscribed to it will automatically get the updated information.


Best of MQTT

  1. Strong Delivery Guarantees. MQTT Protocol ensures that all messages are transmitted, even if the connection breaks off briefly.
  2. Cloud Broker. Using MQTT Client for controlling your IoT devices, you get rid of home server.

Our public MQTT Broker is available:

  • host: mqtt.ximxim.com
  • port: 1883
  • login: mqtt
  • pass: mqtt
  1. Flexibility of your subscriptions. You can choose what topics “to listen” manually setting up your preferences. A client can “listen to” all sensors located in a living room or all temperature sensors all over your home.
  2. Last will & testament. If the client disconnects unexpectedly, the broker sends the message to all subscribed clients on the topic which were specified in the Last Will message. To discard this message, just send DISCONNECT message.
  3. Retained Messages help new clients to receive a status update right away after subscribing to a topic.

MQTT Protocol definitely plays important role in IoT industry with its capability to work with low-powered devices meeting all IoT’s need at the same time. It’s a perfect  solution for home automation, which replaces expensive Smart Home system with budget sensors and controllers.

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