MQTT Buddy Wins Two Prestigious 2017 IT Management Software Awards

mqtt buddy wins prestigious awards from financeonline


It is always great to hear you’ve been recognized for your achievements, especially when it is an experienced team that gives your software the thumbs up for your efforts. Recently, our best-of-breed application MQTT Buddy got its first official FinancesOnline review, and was also distinguished by their experts with two of the directory’s quality awards.

MQTT Buddy wins Great User Experience Award and the 2017 Rising Star Award

At first sight, MQTT Buddy may look like a simple IoT client application, but it took experts to evaluate it from a closer perspective to agree with it being a ‘one of a kind’ IoT system. Being able to confirm the ease of use and return of investment guaranteed by MQTT Buddy, FinancesOnline experts awarded it with both the Great User Experience Award and the 2017 Rising Star Award for top IT management software. In both cases, awards belong to systems that guarantee regular updates, record uptimes, and core functionality.

One of the TOP Leading IT Management Solutions

To make matters even better, MQTT Buddy was also listed among the platform’s leading IT management solutions. What impressed experts the most was the plethora of high-value features that increase the app’s functionality and add more benefits to the users, among which are autoconnect, a massive collection icons, and a wide selection of buttons. They also agreed that our MQTT client eliminates all unnecessary interference with users’ experience, and lets them maximize their IoT potential without having to deal with complicated navigation and ad litter on their mobile devices.

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