MQTT Buddy: new MQTT client is coming in April

mqtt app for android, ios, windows mobile


How did we come to the idea of MQTT Buddy?

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol that ensures 100% delivery of the messages. With all its advantages  it’s convenient to use MQTT for home automation.

Existing MQTT clients are not proper. We tried TOP apps and each of them has their own weaknesses.

Then we thought: Ok, let’s use our experience and build our own IoT application which eliminates all shortcomings of existing clients. We outlined pros and cons of MQTT apps and figured out distinguishing features of our future IoT solution.


What’s so special about MQTT Buddy

  1. Comprehensive FREE app with all necessary functionality that allows you to control internet connected devices. Besides, Pro version of MQTT Buddy has several additional features that make app even more advantageous: auto connect, extended set of icons and greater number of buttons.
  2. Available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile users in English, Russian and Chinese. Doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have and what language you speak, you can use this app.
  3. MQTT Buddy Actions. Only MQTT Buddy users have unique option of automated actions: when connected to our server you can compose different scenarios of actions and you don’t need any home server for this. Stay connected!
  • Our public MQTT broker is available:
  • host:
  • port: 1883
  • login: mqtt
  • pass: mqtt
  1. Ads-free. Even a free version of MQTT Buddy has no advertising. In our opinion, there is no place for them in the internet of things solutions.
  2. Clear user interface J Our designers created awesome usable user interface that will navigate you easily through MQTT Buddy.

We’re working hard to deliver best MQTT Client. Leave us your email now and get MQTT Buddy PRO for FREE.

Stay tuned! April release is coming.­



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