5 helpful  scenarios where MQTT can be used for Industrial Automation

five-scenarios-of-mqtt-for-industrial-automationMQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport or Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is gaining popularity over the last years thanks mainly to its simplicity and  lightweightness.  It has all necessary features and can be used for simple solutions for industrial automation.

MQTT Protocol brings value for many industries when implementing the following scenarios:


  1. Automated metering – worthy implementation in Chemical and Petroleum as well as Energy and Utilities industries.

Example: utility company can remotely monitor water heaters in customers’ homes and turn them off when they are not typically used. Homeowners can also implement MQTT technology in their homes to control energy consumption by household appliances.


  1. Distribution supply chain and logistics. This kind of scenario can be used by retailers and anyone who belongs to transportation industry.

Example: a shipping company can provide its customers with up-to-the-minute tracking information immediately.


  1. Industrial tracking and visibility is good for automotive and industrial manufacturing industries.

Example: Thanks to MQTT they will be able to track every passed stage of product development and automate inventory checking.


  1. Healthcare quality and resource tracking. IoT in Healthcare is a big trend that enhances quality of services in hospitals, nursing homes, and etc and helps them to save people’s lives.

Example: Clinics monitor essential signs of patients’ health to prevent sudden crises, especially when patients go home.


  1. Location awareness and safety scenario is good for Chemical and Petroleum, Energy and Utilities and Homeland defense industries.

Examples: Home owners connect their cameras and doors to be aware of what happening at their homes.  Government can improve safety of flood-prone regions by enhancing their warning systems with remote sensors.


MQTT has extensive implementation area. Internet of Things definitely leverages from its simplicity and minimal maintenance.  MQTT make IoT to widespread quickly.



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